Built Brand-new Native and Platform-agnostic Applications for Ticker

CASE STUDIES Background Ticker News wanted to build applications for different platforms. Logituit built the application for Android TV, Smart TV, Apple TV, and Comcast STB. Problem Statement Building platform-agnostic FAST-supported applications for four major platforms. Solutions Logituit developed and tested the applications for each platform. Once validated and approved they launched it throughout providing […]

Making artificial intelligence accessible for Trimble

CASE STUDIES What we did and delivered Client was looking for a partner to Port their existing autonomous vehicles algorithms developed using MATLAB, to C++ and optimize for GPU with stringent delivery timelines Our Solutions Understanding the existing MATLAB solution and its functionality Convert to C++ code using MATLAB coder Pruning generated C++ code Mathematical/Multi […]

State of the art surround sound integration for an automotive Tier 1 solution provider

CASE STUDIES What we did and delivered Porting and optimization of MPEG Surround decoder for integration to Auto infotainment platform Integration of spatial decoder with core AAC decoder for SBR and non SBR cases Algorithm Optimization of Synthesis filter bank which was time critical Platform Optimization: Function profiling, analysis, C optimization of time critical modules, […]

OTT application for RSE units developed for india’s largest cab services

CASE STUDIES OTT Application for Automotive Problem Statement A media conglomerate was trying to port their OTT application for one of the largest cab services in India Role we Played Developed an OTT application for RSE units to enable content consumption for one of the favourite OTT service providers in India. Integrated APIs from the […]

99% Accuracy in Predicting Epilepsy with Machine Learning

CASE STUDIES Customer A leading Healthcare Tech Company based in the USA Problem Statement The client was looking for a partner to Develop the algorithm for sensing human brain signals through a single bipolar electroencephalogram (EEG) to predict, detect, and monitor epileptic seizures and other neurological events. SOLUTION Used AI model on Android and iOS […]

Empowering Digital Service with Frontend, Backend, and QA Expertise

CASE STUDIES OTT Team for Tier 1 Media Conglomerate Singapore Problem Statement A global media conglomerate was trying to setup a team for helping them with their service for frontend, backend and QA Role we Played Logituit was quickly able to understand the skill requirements and areas they needed support. Logituit has provided skills to […]

Redefining experience with customisable playback solution for 100 million users

CASE STUDIES IP Licensing & Integration services Problem Statement A leading OTT Video service (>100 Million users) wanted an enhanced multi-platform playback experience and to replace existing video players. The service also required interactive experiences for a trivia format live gameshow and their live sports broadcast. Role we Played Logituit’s Multi-platform Video Player: Existing players […]

Improving Patient Outcomes in the Bay Area

CASE STUDIES Wearable technology for a Bay Area Healthcare startup Problem Statement Client was looking for a partner to Develop and maintain an epilepsy detection solution on wearable device, mobile and cloud. Record various sensor data on the wearable during seizures, integrate with epilepsy algorithm. Integrate with mobile, record audio and send data to cloud, […]

Enhancing User Experience: Hand Gesture Recognition for Interactive Digital Displays

CASE STUDIES Leading Digital Display OEM Problem Statement Client was looking for a partner to develop gesture recognition algorithm for users to interact with their digital displays OUR SOLUTION Develop IP for hand detection and tracking using OpenCV APIs. Working with the customer closely to understand the use case and tune the solution to perform […]

Surround Sound Capabilities at the Palm of your Hand

CASE STUDIES US based Audio Technology Leader Problem Statement The client was looking for a partner to develop compelling surround sound technology for Android phone OEMs. Client’s technology had multiple issues where they needed help to get the solution accepted by phone OEM. Role we Played We helped the client with Integrating proprietary Post processing […]

Automating application and player testing across platforms

CASE STUDIES Background Automation of applications has become essential for saving time, cost, and other contemporary needs. However, finding suitable tools and technologies for application-wide automation is a task. Logituit comes to the scene to help organizations with the best automation technologies and tools. We will talk about such an organization that reached out to […]

Developed RSE platform using TI Jacinto chipset

CASE STUDIES Rear Seat Entertainment system development Problem Statement An automotive infotainment solution provider wanted to build a RSE platform using TI Jacinto chipsets Role we Played Helped the OEM to bring up the complete RSE platform based on Jacinto chipset including design and development of peripheral drivers, system boot up etc. Peripheral bring up, […]

Bringing FIFA 2022 live action to over 40 lakh viewers

CASE STUDIES Building Sports OTT Smart TV Applications for FIFA 2022 EXPECTATIONS To build Smart TV application on Samsung and LG Smart TV targeting FIFA 2022 in very short span of 2 months timeline Outcomes Able to successfully go to market for FIFA2022 in 2months time available to build application to make it product quality […]

Best in class rear sear entertainment with 3d Audio

CASE STUDIES 3d Audio for Automotive Tier 1 Solution provider What we did and delivered Porting and optimization of 3D audio decoder and integration with Auto infotainment platform. Adherence to USAC (Unified Speech audio coding part of MPEGH-3D standards) Audio path Conversion from float to fix point for various modules like Inverse quantization, LPC decoding, […]

The future of in-train media handing 2000+ passengers simultaneously

CASE STUDIES Wifi Infotainment solution for Indian Railways Problem Statement Local WiFi based entertainment media on demand solution for train passenger using their own personal gadgets Support 2000+ passenger simultaneously Multiple streaming are supported so that content can be played on Laptop, Android devices and iOS devices Music and Video streaming support on same platform […]

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