Built Brand-new Native and Platform-agnostic Applications for Ticker


Ticker News wanted to build applications for different platforms. Logituit built the application for Android TV, Smart TV, Apple TV, and Comcast STB.

Problem Statement
Building platform-agnostic FAST-supported applications for four major platforms.
Logituit developed and tested the applications for each platform. Once validated and approved they launched it throughout providing the following solutions:
  • Used Metrological Web-GL-based Lightning JS framework to build platform-agnostic applications
  • Integrated native player for quality playback and performance
  • Used Logituit’s reusable component library to go to the market in a record time
  • Designed the UI/UX, providing a smooth user interface throughout platforms
  • Developed fast and highly responsive CTV applications on Samsung Tizen and Comcast STB devices

  • Ticker launched into the market in record time with five FAST Channels
  • Further accessible to multiple platform such as Xfinity and Samsung Electronics TV


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