Enhance and enrich your content experience with our advanced AI-powered intelligence.

On-demand content awareness

LogixEnrich is an AI/ML video enrichment and engagement platform designed to empower content creators. Packed with a suite of powerful tools, It simplifies workflow and helps you deliver exceptional video experiences to a global audience.

Effortlessly generate accurate metadata to save time and resources. Captivate viewers with AI-powered video summaries and highlight reels, perfect for summarizing sports or long-form content. Break language barriers and reach new audiences with automatic multi-language subtitles. Expand your reach with seamless AI-driven audio dubbing, ensuring your content resonates globally.

Logix Enrich leverages secure, cloud-based machine learning models. This ensures you can deliver high-quality video experiences at scale, all while maintaining the security of your content.






Enrich video metadata for media companies

User Experience & Interactive

•Actor Information - Spider Webbing
•Intelligent Ad Placement
•Skip Intro, Credits
•Shopping - Match products with video

Editing and Compliance

•Statutory warning & Adult content
•Generate Highlights
•Navigation into the video

Discovery and Targeting

•Labelling - People, Activities, Places, Things
•Scene analysis, pose and emotion analysis
•Correlation with user analytics

Why select Logix Enrich?


Ease of Integration

Continuous Enhancement

Scalable and Secure

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