Logituit was founded in 2010 to solve a core need in the market – to create world-class audio/video products and solutions that enable customers to enjoy superior viewing and create memorable digital experiences in the video-first world.

Armed with over 100-man years of experience in core embedded multimedia systems, the four founders started Logituit to focus on serving top-notch media technologies companies by providing them with premium consultancy services.

While the media companies wanted to build OTT solutions, they needed an in-depth understanding of core technologies like playback, ad integration, playback smoothness, working with multiple formats, browser compatibility challenges and many more. Founders saw this gap as an opportunity with our deep expertise in multimedia domain experience.

Logituit started working with the leading technology companies, media houses and OTT service providers to solve these complex problems by building solution accelerators and system integration services to offer end-to-end OTT solutions under one roof.

Today, Logituit solutions and services support India’s top OTT service providers. The quality of our products and services ensures that over 100+ million users enjoy the best quality viewing experience.

With our mastery over video technologies and growing acceptance of video as a medium for business, we are investing in newer segments like EdTech, Video Commerce, Video surveillance, Healthcare and more recent technologies like AI/ML, Web.30, and Metaverse.