Improving Patient Outcomes in the Bay Area

Wearable technology for a Bay Area Healthcare startup

Problem Statement

Client was looking for a partner to

  • Develop and maintain an epilepsy detection solution on wearable device, mobile and cloud.
  • Record various sensor data on the wearable during seizures, integrate with epilepsy algorithm.
  • Integrate with mobile, record audio and send data to cloud, notifying caretaker & doctor.
  • Design, Develop and maintain cloud solution for caretaker, patient and Doctor


  • Complete ownership of algorithm, android, wearable and cloud product development from requirement analysis to design, implementation and testing
  • Modified and optimized the algorithm for wearable device for iOS and Android, enabling control of the algorithm on wearable from a paired mobile device
  • Ensured high sensor data resolution and reduced battery consumption by 50%
  • Design, Develop the cloud solution and deployment on Amazon cloud


The product deliveries for the alpha trials were done before schedule

The solution is being piloted in two prestigious North American hospitals


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