Automating application and player testing across platforms


Automation of applications has become essential for saving time, cost, and other contemporary needs. However, finding suitable tools and technologies for application-wide automation is a task. Logituit comes to the scene to help organizations with the best automation technologies and tools.

We will talk about such an organization that reached out to Logituit to automate their applications and player testing across the platforms. They faced problems with their AI, which needed to be improved to take correct client input.

Automating applications and testing players for the same was a lengthy process. Our engineers understood the whole process and quickly stepped into this project for a quick and quality delivery.


Like any other project, in this project, there were challenges we faced but overcame quickly. Let’s look at the significant challenges we have faced during the project.

  • Communication through proper channels
  • Understanding the existing product and working on that
  • New requirements and communication gap because of technical glitch
  • Testing using the portal
The challenges seemed usual to our engineers, who focused on the solution, leading them to successful on-time project delivery.

In our solution approach, our engineers tried to provide the best technology and tools for application automation. A dedicated team of test engineers was assigned to thoroughly test players integrated into the application platform.

Let’s list down the solutions provided by Logituit to enhance the client’s platform with advanced AI technology and tools:

  • Developed a player automation test for user actions like Play/Pause/Stop/Seek /Orientation change & for features like PIP using Appium/Selenium
  •  Test framework (Selenium) used for Web/mWeb and Appium for Android/iOS.
  •  Extent is used as a reporting tool for publishing results for test automation 
  •  POM design pattern used for writing scripts
  •  Test cycle duration was reduced by almost 30% as compared to previous cycles 

The application development, testing, and deployment kept our engineers in the loop with the client. It resulted in the solution that our client was looking for.

Logituit engineers could deliver the project on time. Most of all, clients loved our work and were happy with the quality provided for them.


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