Reshaping OTT with Generative AI

Possibilities and challenges

Author : Srinivasan Sampath

Date: 09 November 2023

How far have we come with technological advancement? 

Let me tell you, it’s immense and with no bar for innovations and creation.

Have you ever imagined that the personalization of OTT and streaming media would be this advanced, where the contents are based on nothing but your preference and choice? Well, all of these are making sense now with Generative AI.

AI, as we all know, talks about Artificial Intelligence. Generative AI is the advanced version of AI with more personalization and modification capacity. The new technology uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to create high-quality, unique content.

Machine Learning (ML) plays a significant part in this advancement. The technology here relies on something other than the existing data or predefined rules. It has the ability to learn from massive data insertion and create original content out of that.

Now, that is the pact, and that’s why Generative AI promises to reshape the OTT world with original content creation.

Impact of Generative AI in the OTT Industry

Generative AI has already marked its presence in the OTT industry. It has made content creation, generation, editing, and post-production of all such works much easier in a minimum span of time. Undoubtedly, the concept will revolutionize the OTT industry with advanced AI technologies. Let’s take a moment to understand the enormous transformation it will bring to the OTT industry. Hardly, the content creators would have to think about the ideas. There would be less time for brainstorming. The script writing would be automated with the help of Generative AI. The production would think less about their target audience and the production delivery and a lot more. The whole OTT space would change with more production and quality content delivery. The great thing about the revolution is the less time consumption. As the Generative AI will take care of everything, others have to only brainstorm on the alignment quality. Isn’t it exciting? Well, it is already on the task and will engulf the industry soon. Let’s talk about the areas of inclusion of Generative AI briefly:

Content Creation

Content creation is no longer a task. Generative AI can create a large amount of content based on the data present on the internet. That way, the creators get the information and can even generate new content ideas with a click.

The Generative AI tools for such content can even align with your preference and produce content that interests the target audience. That way, one can get the creative piece in less time and use the least resources.

Also, production will be much easier with auto-editing, tuning, and mixing. The subtitle creation will speed up with one click of multi-language subtitle creation. The entire production will be more convenient with Generative AI, resulting in less time, less workforce, and less expenses.


One might not have to stress about UX design anymore like before. The powerful AI algorithms will take care of everything from UX design to hyper-personalization. Generative AI is the future and is all set to bring the highest engagement rate with a delighted user experience.

We can expect a micro-level analysis where AI will analyze every tiny detail, such as user preference, behavior, demographics, and time spent on a particular content. With the help of AI, the OTT platform will deliver content tailored for the users with maximum satisfaction and engagement.

Dull advertisements would be cut off, and AI would be able to create engaging and participating ads. Don’t be shocked when there is an ad just as you thought. Generative AI can be of this extreme level where it will not only analyze preference, demographics, behaviors, or time spent on a particular ad but also precisely when it should be aired.

Development and Video Engineering

Generative AI is promising when it comes to content creation and production. But it is no less in terms of streaming technology. It is already prominent in the video engineering space in OTT app development and improvisation.

The video engineers will be at ease as Generative AI will serve as the savior. Developing will be easier if the codes are varied, error-free, and efficient. Generative AI will take the headache from now on and ensure the codes are accurate and make sense.

AI will play a crucial role in streamlining and aligning the process. It will speed up the process with quick reviews, suggestions, documentation, writing, and even testing. OTT platforms can also utilize Generative AI to check the load time bandwidth and ultimately provide users with a great viewing experience.

Challenges and Limitations

Although Generative AI holds a lot of possibilities in the future of the OTT industry, it has some limitations. Of course, it is imitable with the conscious use of AI and strategies.
However, if we talk about the limitations, the first one that occurs is ethical implications. Technologies such as deep fake and highly realistic content can be a subject of misuse of Generative AI, which questions authenticity and trustworthiness.

Also, contents generated by Generative AI are based on the vast data set on the internet. The data is likely not correct and biased in many cases. Uses of such content might not be appropriate and create a nuisance sometimes. So, here is a challenge in producing unbiased, authentic, and quality content using Generative AI.

Complex human emotion is one more point that Generative AI lacks. As a result, the content developed by AI might feel artificial, disconnected, and monotonous often.

But what is the technology if there are no challenges? There is a rapid advancement in technology. Every day, some innovations are coming up. There might be limitations and challenges, but with continued research and development, these challenges can be overcome.

Moreover, AI is a promising technology with a lot of potential, and its potential is yet to be explored.

Generative AI in OTT- to be Continued

Uses of Generative AI are now everywhere. OTT is going to have a fair share of the technological advancement. It’s time to engulf the advancement and use it for advancing the OTT platform.

Generative AI has the potential to change the landscape of the OTT industry. Though it has some limitations and challenges, the revolution it has to bring will continue.

Everything from pre-production to post-production and distribution would be much easier with Generative AI. The time is close when Generative AI will take the OTT industry by storm with hyper-realistic content, character, and everything automated.

Fasten your seatbelt to embrace the fantastic reshaping of the OTT world that would be more personalized and engaging.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the uses of Generative AI in the prospect of OTT. We can even look through some demos to understand the technological application in real life.

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