AI based Ad targeting

Unlocking revenue potential with AI-Driven Ad targeting strategies

Author : Srinivas Sampath ;

Date : 15 Nov 2022

In recent OTT trend, it is becoming clear that users want to move from traditional SVOD (paid subscription) to a freemium model. This has resulted in the explosive growth of FAST (Free Ad Supported Streaming) channels in past year or so. Since many media operators have joined the bandwagon to engage the user with more Ads, it is becoming imperative to maintain a fine balance between not burdening the user with too many irrelevant ads.

Showing too many ads can cause user to avoid engagement with the channel. At the same time it is important to ensure that the monetisation of the channels is not compromised. Many media companies are grappling with this problem of showing the right amount of ads and obtain maximum monetisation.

Traditional ad insertion in the server side relies on pre decided branded ads that are shown to the user at a pre defined time slots when user is watching the content. This has the disadvantage that there is no Guarantee that user is being served the relevant ads. Some solutions involve usage of first party data to obtain the basic profile of the user and serve ads accordingly (Ad Targeting) based on demographic features. This method of ad targeting has dependency on user data which is a bit intrusive on the privacy of the user data and needs to comply to international data sharing. security standards such as GDPR.

Logituit with its extensive experience in Ad monetisation solutions has come up with a AI based solution that analyses the video content and generates relevant ad markers based on the context of the content. This has the advantage of blending with usage of existing first party data already available to provide optimum non intrusive ad experience for users.This in turn has been proven to enhance viewer engagement resulting in longer dwell time even in AVOD content consumption.


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