Broadcast Asia, 2023 in a Glance

Broadcast Industry Together Discusses the Technology and Trends

Author : Syed Shahid Mehdi 

Date: 15 JUNE 2023

Along with the evolving technological support, the online streaming industry is rising with new trends and additions. Customer engagement and interactivity are in focus, and broadcasting solution providers are not keeping any stone underneath to provide customers with the best streaming experience. 

Broadcast Asia wrapped up in Singapore this year with all the latest and superior technologies revolutionizing the industry. Global leaders from the broadcast industry participated in this event, discussing trending technologies such as ultra-low latency, AI and ML performance, interactivity through broadcast, CDN, and so on. In this article, we will discuss the technologies that attract global broadcasters and have given the industry a new perspective through innovation.

Broadcast Asia, 2023 in a Glance

The event has now run successfully for 26 years. And this time was no different. The trade fair is known widely for its extensive spectrum and participation from all over the world. Leading broadcasting platforms such as Sony, Disney, Viacom, Zoom, and many others were among the participants this year.

Apart from that, the event attracted massive sponsorship from industry leaders. Invest IN Canada, Dell, Taiwan Excellence, Logituit, and many others not only sponsored the event but showed active participation during the event with demos and detailed discussions.

The platform brought together broadcasters, solution providers, and content creators to showcase the future of the broadcasting industry. From a better viewing experience through powerful CDN to the innovative business model and end-to-end solution, the industry leaders have discussed where the broadcasting industry is heading with the latest trends and innovations.

The present broadcasting scenario of Asia, the landscape, content monetization, evolving media ecosystem, impact, investment, and everything was covered in the event, giving the industry dealers a better outlook with the best possibilities.

Significant Outcomes from the Broadcast Asia Event.

The event’s main attraction was highlighting the futuristic technology that could completely change the broadcasting landscape. The broadcasting solution providers, in this event, showcased the latest technology and products that can significantly change how people consume content.

Let’s discuss some of them on the way to revolutionizing the content and broadcasting industry:

Web 3.O and Metaverse

Web 3.0 and Metaverse are the most talked about technologies that have stormed the OTT industry. The personalized viewing experience with the highest interactivity has drastically transformed how people consumes content. And it is possible because of the implementation of high-end technologies of Web 3.0 and Metaverse.

For example, if we talk about sports content, one of the most consumed contents of all time. But the experience is not the same. It is more centralized and improved with maximum interactivity and engagement.

At the event, the solution providers showed a demo and discussed in detail how they brought a significant viewing experience by implementing Augmented Reality (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR). This not only avails viewers to watch the match but allows them to participate in the match virtually.

Viewers even can interact with the players because of the advancement of technology. Many other factors, such as online quizzes, analytics, and data, bring an entirely new advanced approach to sports streaming.

AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) were also important topics of discussion in the Broadcast Asia Event, 2023. OTT and broadcasting solution providers have shown the real-time implementation of those technologies that improvise content consumption to a great extent.

From making production easy to automating the content metadata and transcription, everything has become a reality by implementing AI and ML. The technologies introduce the viewers to the personalized viewing experience and recommendations by collecting data about viewer preferences, demographic, and browser history.

The advertising industry is exploiting the best out of it by showcasing products that interest viewers. Advertisers use AI and ML technologies to collect data on location, browsing behaviors, and other information to deliver ad content that benefits and engages viewers.

Additionally, the use and growth of Generative AI (GAI) in the industry were also in focus at the event. Whether it’s content creation or moderation, GAI occupies a crucial position, augmenting the quality of content. Nevertheless, the experts strongly recognized the significance of human interaction in every implementation of AI, GAI, and ML technologies.

In the Broadcast Asia Event, the discussion of AI in coordination with human interaction was prominent. Industry Leaders and knowledge resources in the event shed light on how human interaction is unavoidable, regardless of the rapid advancement of AI, GAI, and ML technologies.

Low Latency

No one wants to experience buffering and low-quality content streaming. That’s when Low latency comes into the frame. Low Latency and ultra-low latencies are hot topics for the broadcasting industry, offering a seamless streaming experience without buffering.

Industry leaders at the event discussed and showed how Low Latency could revolutionize the broadcasting industry with real-time streaming experience with zero errors and lags.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Robust CDN implementation through the broadcasting spectrum also significantly contributes to the seamless streaming experience. Industry leaders talked about various features of CDN and how it contributes to zero buffering, adequate bandwidth, and other intelligence solutions.

They also discussed the speed, reliance, and security it would provide to streaming platforms through the advancement and strategic placements.

Freemium and Fast Channels

At the event, we also saw a significant rise in business models such as Fast Channels and Freemium. Freemium is a service that avails viewers to stream premium content for free. In this kind of content streaming, the revenue generates from the ads where advertisers collect data and personalize the ads according to the viewer’s preference.

These types of business models help in customer retention and encourage loyalty. Viewers often opt for paid subscriptions due to quality ad-free service, which generates business for the streaming platform.

Freemium Business Models are mutually beneficial for the streaming platform and the advertisers due to their sustainability and personalized experience.

Fast Channels provide the same benefits to the viewers, where they stream content for free with personalized ad streaming. These models allow businesses to monetize content, marketing, and product promotion. They also provide subscription models for ad-free content.

Freemium and Fast Channels are highly acclaimed in the broadcast industry, and due to their convenience and revenue, it is growing rapidly.

Let’s Conclude

The event introduces the latest and most advanced technology presently being used in the broadcasting industry. The discussion and explanation of every product and service have made it clear that the advancement of technology is a continuous process, and the broadcast industry is ever evolving with all new innovations.

Apart from the technology, the industry leaders have discussed the end-to-end solution thoroughly. Several other features, such as templates for cost-effective creative video content, democratizing of data, pay-per-view, and subscription management systems, have been the topics of discussion.

Broadcast Asia, 2023 has been a great platform to discuss technology, innovation, and business. It has showcased the broad spectrum of the broadcast industry and introduced the trends that revolutionize it with robust business solutions.

More power to such events!


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