Gamification in OTT [Trending]

Gamification is the industry's latest and most trending feature.

Author : Biswarup Dasgupta

Date: 09 October 2023

Has the buzz reached you yet? The ever-evolving OTT industry develops new ways to hook viewers with their platform. Gamification is the industry’s latest and most trending feature, rapidly moving to obtain maximum viewer engagement. 
With rapid digitalization, the demand for content consumption has also changed drastically. Consumers wish to refrain from holding on to something very monotonous that we are used to in the linear television models.  Everyone has a smartphone in their hand with multiple other devices such as smart TV, PC, and tab. When linear TV has the most negligible significance, personalization through digital devices is a must for a higher engagement rate for any streaming platform. And Gamification adds the cherry on the top. 

Roll out Gamification

The concept of Gamification has rolled out recently. Nevertheless, it is already popular among streamers and consumers. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, and Jio Cinema have started prominently using the concept.

Before we go further, let’s look at what Gamification is and why we are hyping it so much. Well, we have enough reasons to hype the rollout of Gamification that will serve the future of entertainment, especially in OTT.

We all are aware of the competition and monotony of the entertainment industry. Gamification is just the savior for all of this. Engagement and interactivity through gamification come into the scene to break the monotony of the OTT consumers while fighting in the competitive environment.

Gamification accumulates engagement features, such as points, rewards, quizzes, plot guessing, storytelling, and other gaming elements. It is a great way to encourage consumer’s interests and hook them to the streaming platform.

What’s the Hype About

The hype concerns enhanced user experience, consumption rate, and engagement. The experiment of integrating gamification in the streaming platform has immense favorable rates and outcomes. The results are outstanding, and it hooked consumers through the media with a better engagement rate and interactivity. 

It’s benefiting not only the streaming platforms and consumers, but advertisers are also on Cloud Nine. This is because the OTT platforms integrate gamification throughout their content and advertisement. 

The platforms even partnered with advertisers for specific rewards and consumer points while streaming through the content. The pact benefits both the OTT and advertisers to reach their target audience. Gamification, this way, encourages monetization and engagement at the same time. 

Now we know the hype is valid and on point!

Game Changer for OTT Platforms

Gamification is here to change the OTT and streaming games. The more gamified the contents are, the more the engagement. Because the competition has increased so much that everyone is providing quality content. OTT platforms thus need other ways around to survive the competition. Gamification is the one way that has proved to be more successful regarding user engagement.

The idea of gamification may look simple through some plotting and coding, but it is not. With the rising competition, ideating the correct form of gamification for the platforms across is challenging and decides upon user engagement. 

It is crucial to choose the game elements for a particular platform wisely. It is possible to create gaming elements for a specific show running on an OTT platform through analytics on user choice, demographics, and watch time. 

Relevance plays the most crucial role in such gamification. For example, if we showcase fashion accessories and bring offers on the same, it might not work in a spiritual program. But advertising these accessories will impact the viewers of modern movies and series such as Crazy Rich Asians or Never Ever I Ever as they’re fashion-influenced and based on the young generation. 

Likewise, according to the content and the stories, there might be different modes of gamification. The idea is to hook the viewers and to understand their interest significance while designing the gamification module. 

The idea of gamifying OTT content will surely bring success if appropriately integrated. Advanced technologies and modules are helping streaming platforms design gamification platforms. The proper analysis and understanding of user behavior can quickly bring success to gamification. The good news is that streaming platforms require the slightest effort to integrate such gamification into their platform. There are streaming technology providers such as Logituit who can help them successfully incorporate gamification. Logituit’s inbuilt product such as Logix Engage, is doing tremendous when it comes to integrating interactive gaming elements. They even help with post-integration processes such as testing, modifying, and ideating. With advanced technological solutions, creativity, and analytics, gamifying content has become very handy and achievable. To learn more about the technologies used for gamification and give it a try, contact us at: [email protected]


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